Our Team

Shreya Singh

Graduate Research Assistant

I am a Masters of Computer Science candidate at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern. I have a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Jalpaiguri Government EngineeringCollege, India. My interest in research budded during my undergrad through various research projects focusing in Natural Language Processing. I also worked for a couple of years at Larsen and Toubro in Mumbai as a data analyst.

At CoMM Lab, my research has been focused on“Voice, Attention, and Civic Action”. I collaborated with Larissa and Ryan on the project “Local COVID-19 news coverage”. Our work led to a poster presentation at the ICA’22. Incidentally, the topic modeling work done in this project is something that I am leveraging on an industry scale as a summer intern at T-Mobile.

I also contributed on a smaller scale to“Network Mobility” and “Hashtag Activism”. I have enjoyed working in the CoMM lab because of the wholesome group of peers I have met here. I also love the structure of our weekly catch ups. Along with project updates we also focus on reading papers and presenting our opinions and alternate them with healthy doses of skills sharing within our group, which always keeps it interesting.

In my spare time I enjoy painting watercolors and listening to music/audiobooks. My favorite thing about the CoMM Lab is m fellow researchers.