Visiting Speaker
Enrico Maiorino
Sapienza University of Rome
Towards a generative model for protein contact networks
Mar 13, 2017
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4:30 pm
177 Huntington Ave
11th floor
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Proteins are one of the most fundamental building blocks of life. These macromolecules are important for many biological processes such as molecule transport, DNA replication, enzyme catalysis etc. Protein contact networks are a network-based representation of the three-dimensional structure of proteins.

In this work I highlight the peculiar topologic properties of Protein Contact Networks by focusing on the spectral characteristics of their normalized laplacian matrix. I then discuss the problem of generating new networks that are, from a spectral perspective, as similar as possible to a set of experimental Protein Contact Networks. The proposed generation mechanism is a two-step process: first, a simple network generative model is defined as a baseline; in the second step the generated networks are iteratively optimized by means of an evolutionary optimization algorithm, in order to improve their similarity to the target set of experimental networks. 

about the speaker
Enrico Maiorino has recently received a PhD in Information and Communications Technologies at the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications of Sapienza University in Rome. His research activities focus on applying computational intelligence and machine learning techniques to the analysis of complex systems. He has worked on generative models of Protein Contact Networks, time series detrending with neural networks, multifractal analysis of random walks on graphs, and heat kernel diffusion on graphs. He previously received a MSc degree in Physics at Sapienza University.

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