Visiting Speaker
Marshall Van Alstyne
Everett Lord Distinguished Scholar, Boston University Questrom School of Business
Misinformation & Missing Information: A Fix for Fake News
May 7, 2018
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1:00 pm
177 Huntington Ave
11th floor
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Despite its long history, the recent controversy around misinformation and "fake news" has shown it to be a remarkably challenging problem. This talk will explore the precise nature of why fake news is so intractable in an effort to construct a more successful solution.   Working from examples, it will show that the source of harm is not what most people believe it to be. Five existing solutions do not independently address the reasons that the parties most able to address the problem are insufficiently motivated to do so.  We then use mechanism design principles to remake the rules that platforms use to manage their intellectual property. This shift in focus and governance suggests a novel solution.

about the speaker
Marshall Van Alstyne (@InfoEcon) is coauthor of the international bestseller Platform Revolution. He is one of the world's experts on network business models and is Everett Lord Distinguished Scholar at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. His research has received half a dozen academic awards and appeared in journals such as Science, Nature and Harvard Business Review. Interviews appear regularly across Bloomberg, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio. He studied computer science at Yale and information technology at MIT. He holds multiple patents; was among the first to measure the dollar value of social networks, and his theories of network businesses are taught worldwide. He is a husband and dad, who loves dogs, exercise, travel, and questions of governance.

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