László Barabási
March 2, 2018
Science of science
Santo Fortunato, Carl T. Bergstrom, Katy Börner, James A. Evans, Dirk Helbing, Staša Milojević, Alexander M. Petersen, Filippo Radicchi, Roberta Sinatra, Brian Uzzi, Alessandro Vespignani, Ludo Waltman, Dashun Wang, Albert-László Barabási
Vol. 359, Issue 6379, eaao0185
April 6, 2018
Success in Books: A Big Data Approach to Bestsellers
Burcu Yucesoy, Xindi Wang, Junming Huang and Albert-László Barabási
EPJ Data Science
September 10, 2018
Caenorhabditis elegans and the network control framework—FAQs
Emma K. Towlson, Petra E. Vértes, Gang Yan, Yee Lian Chew, Denise S. Walker, William R. Schafer, Albert-László Barabási
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B
373: 20170372.
September 6, 2018
Politics with the People: Building a Directly Representative Democracy
Michael A. Neblo, Kevin M. Esterling, David M. J. Lazer
Cambridge University Press
November 6, 2018
The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success
Albert-László Barabási
Little, Brown and Company
November 8, 2018
Quantifying reputation and success in art
Samuel P. Fraiberger, Roberta Sinatra, Magnus Resch, Christoph Riedl, Albert-László Barabási
08 Nov 2018: eaau7224
March 13, 2017
Integrating Personalized Gene Expression Profiles into Predictive Disease-Associated Gene Pools
J. Menche, E. Guney, A. Sharma, P.J. Branigan, M.J. Loza, F. Baribaud, R. Dobrin, A.-L. Barabasi
Systems Biology and Applications
3:10 (2017)
May 12, 2017
Academia under fire in Hungary
Albert-László Barabási
356: 6338 (2017)
April 26, 2017
Identifying and modeling the structural discontinuities of human interactions
S. Grauwin, M. Szell, S. Sobolevsky, P. Hovel, F. Simini, M. Vanhoof, Z. Smoreda, A.-L. Barabasi & C. Ratti
Scientific Reports
7, Article number: 46677 (2017)
October 17, 2017
Network control principles predict neuron function in the Caenorhabditis elegans connectome
Gang Yan, Petra E. Vértes, Emma K. Towlson, Yee Lian Chew, Denise S. Walker, William R. Schafer, Albert-László Barabási
Nature Letter
doi:10.1038/nature24056 (2017)
February 15, 2017
Network Medicine: Complex Systems in Human Disease and Therapeutics
J. Loscalzo, A.-L. Barabási, E. K. Silverman (eds.)
Harvard University Press
February 17, 2016
Universal resilience patterns in complex networks
J. Gao, B. Barzel, A.-L. Barabasi.
530, 307-312 (2016).
September 26, 2016
Controllability of Multiplex, Multi-time-scale Networks
M. Posfai, J. Gao, S.P. Cornelius, A.-L. Barabasi, R. D’Souza.
Physical Review E 94: 3, 032316 (2016).
February 1, 2016
Network-based in silicodrug efficacy screening
E. Guney, J. Menche, M. Vidal, A.-L Barabasi.
Nature Communications
7:10331, 1-13 (2016).
April 20, 2016
Scaling Identity Connects Human Mobility and Social Interactions
P. Deville, C. Song, N. Eagle, V. D. Blondel, A.-L. Barabasi, D. Wang.
113: 26, 7047-7052 (2016)
November 4, 2016
Quantifying the Evolution of Individual Scientific Impact
R. Sinatra, D. Wang, P. Deville, C. Song, A.-L. Barabasi
4: 354, 6312 (2016)
October 17, 2016
Tissue Specificity of Human Disease Module
M. Kitsak, A. Sharma, J. Menche, E. Guney, S.D. Ghiassian, J. Loscazlo, A.-L. Barabasi.
Scientific Reports
6: 35241 (2016).
April 13, 2016
The Network behind the cosmic web
B.C. Coutinho, S. Hong, K. Albrecht, A. Day, A.-L. Barabasi, P.Torrey, M. Vogelsberger, L. Hernquist.
April 18, 2016
Controllability analysis of the directed human protein interaction network identifies disease genes and drug targets
A. Vinayagama, T.E. Gibsonb, H.-J. Lee, B. Yilmazeld, C. Roeseld, Y. Kwona, A. Sharma, Y.-Y. Liu, N. Perrimona, A.-L. Barabasi.
10.1073, 1-6 (2016).
June 9, 2016
Endophenotype Network Models: Common Core of Complex Diseases
S. D. Ghiassian, J. Menche, D. I. Chasman, F. Giulianini, R. Wang, P.Ricchiuto, M. Aikawa, H. Iwata, C. Muller, T. Zeller, A. Sharma, P. Wild, K. Lackner, S. Singh, P. M. Ridker, S. Blankenberg, A.-L. Barabasi, J. Loscalzo.
Scientific Reports
6: 27414, 1-13 (2016).
May 18, 2016
Control of Fluxes in Metabolic Networks
G. Basler, Z. Nikoloski, A. Larhlimi, A.-L. Barabasi, and Y.-Y. Liu.
Genome Research
7:26, 956-968 (2016).
September 6, 2016
Control Principles of Complex Systems
Y.-Y. Liu, A.-L. Barabasi.
Review of Modern Physics
88:3, 035006-035064 (2016).
November 22, 2016
From Comorbidities of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to Identification of Shared Molecular Mechanisms by Data Integration
D. Gomez-Cabrero, J. Menche, C. Vargas, I. Cano, D. Maier, A.-L. Barabasi, J. Tegner, J. Roca, and on Behalf of Synergy-COPD Consortia.
BMC Bioinformatics
17: 1291 (2016).
April 8, 2015
A DIseAse MOdule Detection (DIAMOnD) Algorithm Derived from a Systematic Analysis of Connectivity Patterns of Disease Proteins in the Human Interactome
S. D. Ghiassian, J. Menche, A.-L. Barabási
PLOS Computational Biology
pcbi.1004120, 1-21 (2015).
February 20, 2015
Uncovering disease-disease relationships through the incomplete interactome
J. Menche, A. Sharma, M. Kitsak, D. Ghiassian, M. Vidal, J. Loscazlo, A.-L. Barabasi
347:6224, 1257601-1 (2015).
May 20, 2015
Constructing minimal models for complex system dynamics
B. Barzel, Y.-Y. Liu, A.-L. Barabási
Nature Communications
6:7186, 1-8 (2015)
December 2, 2015
Untangling performance from success
B. Yucesoy and A.-L. Barabasi
1512.089, 1-9 (2015).
August 5, 2015
Destruction perfected
I. A. Kovács, A.-L. Barabási
524, 38-39 (2015).
October 1, 2015
A century of physics
R. Sinatra, P. Deville, M. Szell, D. Wang, A.-L. Barabási
Nature Physics
11, 791-796 (2015)
August 10, 2015
Spectrum of controlling and observing complex networks
G. Yan, G. Tsekenis, B. Barzel, J.-J. Slotine, Y.-Y. Liu, A.-L. Barabási
Nature Physics
1-8 (2015).
January 4, 2014
Modeling and predicting popularity dynamics via reinforced poisson processes
H. Shen, D. Wang, C. Song, A.-L. Barabási
Proceedings of the 28th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence
291-297 (2014)
June 26, 2014
Human symptoms–disease network
X. Z. Zhou, J. Menche, A.-L. Barabási, A. Sharma
Nature Communications
5:4212, 1-10 (2014).
July 16, 2014
A genetic epidemiology approach to cyber-security
S. Gil, A. Kott, A.-L. Barabási
Scientific Reports
4:5659, 1-7 (2014).
August 26, 2014
Collective credit allocation in science
H.-W. Shen, A.-L. Barabasi
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
111:34, 1-6 (2014).
November 12, 2014
Target control of complex networks
Jianxi Gao, Y.-Y.Liu, R. M. D'Souza, A.-L. Barabási
Nature Communications
5:5415, 1-7 (2014).
August 1, 2014
A network framework of cultural history
M. Schich, C. Song, Y. Y. Ahn, A. Mirsky, M. Martino, A.-L. Barabási, D. Helbing
345, 558-562 (2014).
April 24, 2014
Career on the move: Geography, stratification, and scientific impact
P. Deville, D. Wang, R. Sinatra, C. Song, V. Blondel, A.-L. Barabási
Scientific Reports
4, 1-7 (2014).
March 13, 2014
A diVIsive Shuffling Approach (VIStA) for gene expression analysis to identify subtypes in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
J. Mench, A. Sharma, M. H. Cho, R. J. Mayer, S. I. Rennard, B. Celli, B. E. Miller, N. Locantore, R. Tal-Singer, S. Ghosh, C. Larminie, G. Bradley, J. H. Riley, A. Agusti, E. K. Silverman, A.-L. Barabási
BMC Systems Biology
8,1-13 (2014).
February 6, 2014
Quantifying information flow during emergencies
L. Gao, C. Song, Z. Gao, A.-L. Barabasi, J. P. Bagrow, D. Wang
Scientific Reports
4, 1-6 (2014).