Babak Ravandi

Postdoctoral Researcher, CCNR
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Babak Ravandi is a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Complex Network Research (CCNR), Northeastern University. He is interested in understanding and employing the theory of complex systems and network science in physical and socio-economical applications. Some of his recent contributions include a novel approach to model the heart's coronary circulation system from coronary angiograms, quantifying the impact of plate size on food waste in all-you-can-eat facilities, and ways to determine the underlying control mechanisms of complex systems such as distributed and centralized control regimes. Before arriving at Northeastern, Babak received a PhD degree in Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, focused on the analysis of controllability for temporal networks. He holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and Management from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, and a BSc in Computer Engineering from Azad University, Tehran. Babak currently works with professor Barabási on the Foodome project.

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office location

177 Huntington Ave
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Portland, ME 04101

Network Science Institute
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Boston, MA 02115


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