Ronald Robertson

Network Science PhD Student
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Ronald is a fifth-year PhD student working with Drs. David Lazer and Christo Wilson. His research involves the design and application of computational tools, behavioral experiments, surveys, and qualitative interviews to measure user behavior, algorithmic personalization, and choice architecture in online platforms. Through his background in the social, behavioral, and network sciences, his goal is to foster a deeper and more widespread understanding of how humans and algorithms interact in digital spaces. Prior to joining Northeastern, Ronald graduated cum laude in psychology from the University of California San Diego and spent four years conducting experiments and surveys at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, a nonprofit research institute that he helped build and run. The research Ronald has been involved in has been published in journals including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Proceedings of the ACM: Human-Computer Interaction, Journal of Technology in Human Services, Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice, and the Proceedings of the Web Conference, Web and Society.

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177 Huntington Ave, 10th floor
Boston, MA 02115


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