Shany Ofaim

Postdoctoral Researcher, CCNR
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Shany Ofaim is a post-doctoral research associate at theCenter for Complex Networks Research, Northeastern University. Prior toNortheastern, she has been a post-doctoral research associate in The Segre labin Boston University. There she focused on the study of metabolic interactionsin bacteria.

As a food engineer turned computational biologist, Shany isinterested in all things metabolism. Her background is in metabolic networksand genome scale metabolic models in an environmental context.

Shany has earned both her B.Sc and Ph.D in Biotechnology andFood Engineering from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology. She hasreceived her M.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science from the Hebrew University.

office location

office location

177 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115
Boston, MA 02115


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