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Fostering opportunities for the education, employment, and career advancement of women in Network Science

Women in Network Science (WiNS) fosters opportunities for the education, employment, and career advancement of women in Network Science. By leveraging professional and social contacts among its members, WiNS promotes the presence and visibility of women as participants, speakers, and organizers of scholarly gatherings within network science, social networks, and complex systems. A social and professional network, WiNS encourages its members to discuss issues concerning gender and representation in network science and related fields, and encourage the thoughtful development of strategies and solutions.

Our goal is to promote and publicize the work and expertise of scholars in network science who identify as women. We extend an open invitation to women to join us in building a more inclusive network science community.

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Upcoming Projects

A series of projects will be developed that aim to increase awareness and appreciation of the achievements of women in network science. Our programs will help women build their technical confidence and their voice, and our efforts will help ensure that women in network science and their achievements are known in the community.

Develop a website

to reflect our community’s interests and resources.

Support regular WiNS meetings

either as informal gatherings or more formal workshops.

Develop a searchable database of women scholars of network science

to help academics and journalists identify and connect with women experts conducting network science related research. This list will serve as a foundation for building a rich community of female scholars to be accessed when planning conferences, panels, and speaker series; when citing research; when inviting essays and op-eds; when finding collaborators; and for resources of experience, professional development and further growing the network of connections for women.

Profiles on women scholars in network science. 

We will post regular profiles on the accomplishments of women working in network science.

Compile data on the representation of women across rank and role in network science.  

To effectively create equitable representation in Network Science, we must identify the magnitude of underrepresentation in various ranks and roles in the field. We will work with universities, corporations, conference organizing committees, funding agencies, and publishers to identify gender equity and inequity and compile data that can be used as evidence when we advocate for change.