Fostering opportunities for the education, employment, and career advancement of women, trans and non-binary genders in network science

The society of Women in Network Science (WiNS) connects women, trans and non-binary genders network scientists from different races, socioeconomic backgrounds and nations. The society aims to recognize the work, perspectives and expertise of its members to create bridges between academia, government, and private industry related to network science. By leveraging its members' professional and social networking and creating safe spaces for conversation, WiNS intends to increase representation and recognition, create mentorship programs and collaborations between junior and senior researchers, and develop a network for well-being resources (e.g. mental health and funding). Our specific goals are threefold:

  1. Increase the presence and visibility of women, trans and non-binary genders as participants, speakers, and organizers of scholarly gatherings within network science, social networks, and complex systems.
  2. Promote collaborative learning and networking with role models from underrepresented backgrounds towards advancing careers of junior researchers in network science.
  3. Encourage the discussion and research about underrepresented communities in our societies under the network science and complex system approach.

The society's council currently has exciting spaces from this point forward labelled as "internal" (for WiNS members) and as "open" (for any person outside who wants to ally/collaborate/discuss).

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join WiNS. During WiNS events, we will follow the manual of good practices for maintaining safe spaces and respectful conversations.

  1. WiNS workshop at Networks 2021 (Open)
  2. Book club (Internal) - Current book: Invisible Women
  3. Repository of code and network science material (Open)
  4. WiNS Podcast
  5. WiNS youtube series

If you are willing to participate and connect your network, contact us. For another exciting society increasing the diversity of network science, check Diversify NetSci.

Advisory Board

Brooke Foucault Welles
Associate professor, Communication, Northeastern University

Kate Coronges
Executive Director, Network Science Institute, Northeastern University