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Women in Machine Learning

WiML’s goal is to create opportunities for women to engage in substantive technical and professional conversations in a positive, supportive environment, and increase awareness and appreciation of the achievements of women in machine learning.

Women in Political Science

The goal of #womenalsoknowstuff is to promote and publicize the work and expertise of scholars in political science who identify as women.
Also see Mulheres também sabem (Portugese)

Women in film and entertainment industries

Women In Media encourages gender balance in film and entertainment industries by providing networking, professional development, and advocacy for above and below the line women and all genders who love making movies with them.

Women in healthcare

Healthcare businesswomen’s association (HB) is and international organization committed to progressing the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide.

Online resources + tools

Changing the Curve: Women in Computing

This visualization highlights the successful women in the big data and computer science field. The resource explores the history and influence of women in computing, looking at some big names throughout the ages and then reviewing some sobering statistics about the current state of women in technology.

Women in Public Administration


LGBTQ Scholars


People of color also know stuff


Women in Philosophy


Women in academia


Directories of Women in Science & Technology

Directories of Women in
Science & Technology