Diversify NetSci

July 14 | Online


Network Science is for everyone. Diversify NetSci is a forum to make that a reality.

Diversify NetSci is an initiative aiming at fostering diversity in the field of Network Science in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical origin, and other axes of identity. Diversify NetSci aims to highlight the ongoing contributions of underrepresented groups to the field of Network Science and create a community where we can discuss the visible and invisible barriers these groups face in research and academia.

Over the past dozen years, Network Science has come into its own as a field, with well established conferences and journals, several degree programs around the world, and a growing pool of resources for kindergarten through post-graduate education and beyond. In addition, the rise of data science and proliferation of machine learning throughout the private sector, non-profits/ngos, and government, means that methods from network science are increasingly touching many aspects of our lives and businesses. As our field continues to grow and mature, establish degree programs and academic departments, and define a canon of introductory and advanced literature, it is important to identify and nurture diversity in our ranks and in our publications. Building off the success of the Diversify NetSci satellites held during NetSci 2019 and NetSci 2020, as well as the meetings of the Women in Network Science at past CompleNet, Sunbelt, Networks, and NetSci conferences, we propose a day-long satellite dedicated to diversity in Network Science. The goals for the satellite include:

  • Identifying best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse network scientists -- people of color, women, LGBTQIA+ people, and other underrepresented minorities (and all their intersections) -- in Network Science at all ranks.
  • Promoting the work of diverse network scientists by diversifying reading lists for basic and advanced courses.
  • Creating a platform for diverse network scientists, especially early career researchers, to network and showcase their work.
  • Providing mentoring opportunities where diverse network scientists can connect with one another over shared challenges and opportunities.
  • Establishing a plan for ongoing support for diverse network scientists at NetSci and beyond.

Who Should Attend:
Everyone! Although the agenda will include sessions for diverse attendees, Diversifying Network Science is a topic for every network scientist. Anyone committed to a welcoming, inclusive Network Science should attend.



Date & Time

July 14, 2022
8:00 am-12:00 pm ET