Diversify NetSci

September 18-19, 2020 | Online


Wiki Edit-a-thon

Inspired by Jess Wade’s efforts to increase the representation and recognition of women scientists on online platforms like Wikipedia, we will create, write, and edit new Wikipedia pages for outstanding Network Scientists who are people of color, women, LGBTQIA+ people, or otherwise identify as underrepresented minorities in English and other languages. Participants will break out into Zoom rooms to coordinate writing of new pages. This event will continue overnight with participants forming groups to create and edit pages for Network Scientists and Network Science related topics.

Anyone can participate in our Wiki Edit-a-thon (to create new pages, your account must be at least 4 days old and have 10 edits to the encyclopedia). 

To help you get started here are a few resources and tips:

Create a Wikipedia account

Introductory Tutorial to writing and editing on Wikipedia

Tips for writing Wikipedia articles

Have ideas for articles you want to see created or edited during the Edit-a-thon? Add them to our spreadsheet here!


varycss.org is a web-based initiative that works to promote diversity and inclusion in the growing and interdisciplinary field of computational social science through crowdsourced tools. These tools include: (1) a CSS speaker database that highlights the work of emerging CSS scholars from underrepresented groups, and (2) a list of resources to support new and emerging CSS scholars from underrepresented groups. Feel free to nominate a speaker, add a resource, or share any questions or suggestions via varycss.org or varycss@gmail.com.