NetSI Hubs

In 2022, NetSI established two new institute hub sites in London, UK and Portland, Maine.

NetSI established new Institute hub sites in the US and Europe to advance research, education, and innovation centered around network science. In 2022, NetSI opened two new sites: in Portland, Maine at the Roux Institute and at the new Northeastern London campus. These hub sites will serve as pillars of the expansive Northeastern University's global enterprise.

NetSI Global will be dedicated to engaging and integrating regional network science communities and partnering with regional talent, institutions, ecosystems of innovation. With this initiative, we expect that each site will grow into unique NetSI hub communities that will continue to innovate and propel interdisciplinary scientific advancement.

NetSI London
The London hub will serve as a dynamic platform fostering the seamless exchange of knowledge and expertise between the United States and Europe. Its purpose extends beyond traditional collaboration; it serves as a key centre where students and scholars can effortlessly connect and collaborate across geographical boundaries.

In addition to bringing fresh perspectives and innovative methodologies into established research domains like network epidemiology and fundamental network science, the research conducted in London is primed to catalyze growth in pivotal areas such as:
(i) Urban dynamics and Computational Social Science,
(ii) Networks and AI, and
(iii) Network neuroscience.

The London hub combines data-driven discovery and principled model and methods development in order to address challenges with global implications, undertaking action-driven research that makes a real-world difference.

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NetSI Roux
NetSI-Roux will focus on expanding research in network epidemiology, computational epidemiology, population health, urban science, climate science, network medicine and surveillance science with network science strategies, machine learning, data science, and data visualization. The NetSI-Roux partnership presents a unique opportunity to develop innovative network modeling approaches to translational, entrepreneurial, and community focused challenges.

NetSI will participate in Roux's startup and incubator community where our team will contribute network science-driven perspectives and tools to support challenges in health, climate, urban planning and other sectors. Research applications will be focused on developing modeling frameworks, artificial intelligence approaches, data and analytics technology architectures to advance research and support decision makers in health sciences, mobility and transportation systems, socio-economic networks, ecological and climate systems.

NetSI-Roux is hiring! Please visit this page to view the current openings.

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