NetSI Hubs

The Network Science Institute is growing! In 2022, NetSI is establishing two new institute hub sites in Portland, Maine and London, UK.

As part of Northeastern's global network, NetSI is establishing new Institute hub sites in the US and Europe to advance research, education, and innovation centered around network science. In 2022, NetSI will open two new sites: in Portland, Maine at the Roux Institute and in London, UK at the new Northeastern London campus. NetSI is thrilled for the opportunity to expand our international community of scholars, who value learning from people across a wide range of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds, and who take pride in their scientific integrity.

NetSI Boston will provide the roadmap needed to create new hubs, where knowledge, expertise, tools, and data can be easily exchanged, and where scholars can travel, collaborate, and share experiences seamlessly across the global network. With this initiative, we expect that each site will grow into unique NetSI hub communities, incorporating new expertise, resources, and partnerships. With sustained growth of Northeastern University’s network, NetSI hub sites will continue to innovate and propel interdisciplinary scientific advancement.

JK Rofling

NetSI-Roux will focus on expanding research in network epidemiology, computational epidemiology, population health, urban science, climate science, network medicine and surveillance science with network science strategies, machine learning, data science, and data visualization. The NetSI-Roux partnership presents a unique opportunity to develop innovative network modeling approaches to translational, entrepreneurial, and community focused challenges.

NetSI will participate in Roux's startup and incubator community where our team will contribute network science-driven perspectives and tools to support challenges in health, climate, urban planning and other sectors. Research applications will be focused on developing modeling frameworks, artificial intelligence approaches, data and analytics technology architectures to advance research and support decision makers in health sciences, mobility and transportation systems, socio-economic networks, ecological and climate systems.

JK Rofling

NetSI-London will address new areas of research in applied economics, decentralized governance and a range of socio-economic ecosystems. NetSI is currently hiring for our new NetSI-London site where we aim to build an interdisciplinary team to address topics in digital markets, cyber threats, contagion processes, collective dynamics, behavioral changes, and team dynamics. The NetSI-NULondon site will establish new areas of scientific growth, with emphasis on European-United States collaborations. As the first US based University in the UK, NetSI-London will be foundational in this international research-educational enterprise.