Our Team

Adina Gitomer

Graduate Research Assistant

I am a second-year student in the NetworkScience Ph.D. program at Northeastern. I earned my undergraduate degree in computer science and critical social theory at Wesleyan University. While the internet is vast and full of unknowns, it is also fundamentally structured; I want to use network science tools to dig into that structure, and explore how it is used. Quite broadly, I am interested in studying online communication and political organizing, with a particular curiosity about the co-production of technical spaces and social interaction. Ultimately, I hope to use my research to uplift, and offer careful and accessible engagement with the way we inhabit the internet.

I’ve been leading a project about the way keyword-based data collection obscures young user’s participation in online political discourse. For this project, we received the top student paper award in the Political Communication Division at the 72nd Annual International Communication Association conference. I’m also leading a new project about online youth activism strategies, and assisting on a project on the relationship between critical consciousness and how it impacts social media use for youth.

Some things that I love outside of research include word games, puzzles, and Set. My favorite thing about working in theCoMM Lab is that you can be your whole self with the team, not just a researcher. We have a great group dynamic.