A Dramaturgical Approach to Online Activism within Youth Empowerment Organizations

Irannejad Bisafar, F., Foucault Welles, B., & Parker, A. G. (2020) Proceedings of the ACM on human computer interaction.

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Supporting Youth Activists’ Strategic Use of Social Media: A Qualitative Investigation of Design Opportunities

Irannejad Bisafar, F., Foucault Welles, B., D’ignazio, C., & Parker, A. G. (2020).

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#HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice

Jackson, S.J., Bailey, M., & Foucault Welles, B. (2020). MIT Press.

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Who Says What with Whom: Using Bi-Spectral Clustering to Organize and Analyze Social Media Protest Networks

Joseph, K., Gallagher, R.J., & Foucault Welles, B. (2020). Computational Communication Research, 2(2), 153-174

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Reclaiming Stigmatized Narratives: The Networked Disclosure Landscape of #MeToo

Gallagher, R.J., Stowell, E., Parker, A.G., & Foucault Welles, B. (2019).  Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 3(CSCW), 1-30.
Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CSCW 2019

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The Battle for #Baltimore: Networked Counterpublics and the Contested Framing of Urban Unrest

Welles, B. F., & Jackson, S.J. (2019). International Journal of Communication, 13, 21.

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Women tweet on violence: from #YesAllWomen to #MeToo

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#GirlsLikeUs: Trans advocacy and community building online

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#Ferguson is everywhere: Initiators in emerging counterpublic networks

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Hijacking #myNYPD: Social media dissent and networked counterpublics

Jackson, S.J., & Foucault Welles, B. (2015). Journal of Communication, 65(6), 932-952.

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Smartroom Technology and Teams

  Multiparty Visual Co-Occurrences for Estimating Personality Traits in Group Meetings.

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   The unobtrusive group interaction (UGI) corpus

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   A multimodal-sensor-enabled room for unobtrusive group meeting analysis

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  Improved visual focus of attention estimation and prosodic features for analyzing group interactions

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Handbook of Networked Communication

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On Writing, Surviving, and Thriving in Communication and Media Studies

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Network Visualization and Problem-Solving Support: A Cognitive Fit Study

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Visualizing Computational Social Science: The Multiple Lives of a Complex Image

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