Our Team

Sagar Kumar


I am a third-year Physics and Philosophy Undergraduate student at Northeastern University. I’ve been in the CoMM lab for two years assisting with projects regarding hashtag activism, and leading my own research on hashtag virality and framing following highly affective events. Since 2018, my main focus has been understanding the nature of the conversation following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting (centered around #Parkland) and its ability to bring online activism offline. My work focuses on leveraging network science and statistical mechanics to do quantitative research in communications and sociology with the hopes of one day being able to use the language of mathematics to find what truths I believe lie at the intersection of pure physics and critical philosophy.

Outside of research, I spend most of my time traveling in every way I can - even when that doesn’t necessarily involve going anywhere. I love exploring movies, books, food, and music from around the world and using that to help me in my ultimate goal of better understanding the world and understanding my own experience as a Indian-American in the 21st century.