CCEGN2020: Critical and Collective Effects in Graphs and Networks

Past Event

CCEGN 2020 will take place on May 18-22, 2020, at the historical J. Erik Jonsson Conference Center owned by the National Academy of Sciences at a scenic location on Cape Cod near Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Talks, poster sessions, lunches, coffee breaks, and conference dinner will all take place at the Jonsson Center.

Similar to previous CCEGN events (CCEGN-I, CCEGN-II, CCEGN-III, CCEGN-IV), CCEGN-V continues to explore topics at the interface between network science, random graphs, and statistical physics, bringing together world-renowned experts in these areas.

Registration to CCEGN 2020 is free, and the deadline is March 23, 2020. Space is very limited, so prior to registration we ask all registrants to kindly ensure their availability for the established dates. To account for participants that are able to attend only a part of the workshop, the expected arrival and departure dates are required fields in the registration form. Please note registration may be closed at an earlier date if and when the maximum number of participants is reached.

For more information please visit the CCEGN website.

Event Schedule

May 18, 2020
12:29 pm
May 22, 2020
J. Erik Jonsson Conference Center
Cape Cod, MA
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