Network Science Minor

for Northeastern University students

The goal of the network science minor is to introduce students to the theories, tools, methods, and topics within the emerging and growing field of network science. Network science is defined as the measurement, modeling, prediction, and visualization of meaningful interactions and interconnectivity of social, physical, and technological systems.

Network science skills are in increasing demand across industries including business, biology, life sciences, engineering, and science. For example, network science is used in business and sociology to study social networks such as friendship networks or networks of interlocking boards of directors. In biology, network science is used to study networks of gene expressions. Network science skills are in high demand for analysts, scientists, and managers who are tasked with analyzing and modeling network data. The study and skills required for network science are inherently interdisciplinary, including topics related to math, computer science, and contextual applications of network methods (in fields such as communications, economics, and epidemiology, among others).

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Network Science Core

Complete three of the following:

COMM 2105 | Social Networks
MATH 3545 |Introduction to Graph Theory
PHYS 1125 | Introduction to Network Science: From the Human Cell to Facebook
PHYS 5116 | Network Science 1

Data and Computational Methods

Complete one of the following:

CS 2500 | Fundamentals of Computer Science 1
DS 2000 and DS 2001| Programming with Dataand Data Science Programming Practicum
INSH 1500 | Digital Methods for Social Sciences and Humanities

Applied Topics

Complete one of the following:

COMM 2105 | Social Networks (if not taken as a core course)
EEMB 3555 | Networks and Natural Systems
INSH 2102 | Bostonography: The City through Data, Texts, Maps, and Networks
INSH 5304 | Social Network Analysis
MGMT 3435 | Social Networks and Organizations (if COMM 2105 not taken)
PHYS 5116 | Network Science 1 (if not taken as a core course)
PHYS 5126 | Contagion on Networks

GPA Requirement

Minimum 2.000 GPA required in all minor courses

Credit Requirement

20 hours required


Evelyn Panagakou, PhD

Education, Outreach, and Diversity Coordinator