Network Science Institute Student Research Symposium

Past Event

Join us as NetSI hosts the very first Student Research Symposium! A day of science, food, and fun. Featuring: Sarah Shugars, Remy Lewinter, Sam Scarpino, Syed Haque, Carolina Mattsson, Leo Torres, Harrison Hartle, Ronald Robertson, Lucas Almeida, Sara Williams, Chia-Hung Yang, Tim LaRock, Phil Chodrow, Yanchen Liu, Jessica Davis, Stefan McCabe, Soodi Milanlouei, Charles Levine, Rezvan Sherkati, Tim Sakharov, and Ryan Gallagher

Event Schedule

All day | Research Talks

11:00am | Paper Unwind

12:30pm | Lunch Break

1:30pm | Faculty Session

4:20pm | Slideshow Karaoke

5:30pm | Trivia Night

6:30pm | Social Dinner

More info
November 1, 2018
9:00 am
Network Science Institute
177 Huntington Ave