Generative AI Workshop

Past Event

This workshop provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of generative models, their applications, and the practical skills necessary to create and utilize generative AI systems effectively. Learn how GenAI can help your laboratory advance your research and improve lab processes (e.g, automate complex tasks and discover valuable insights).



Introduction to the Onix Team
Provide an overview of GenAI and its capabilities
How GenAI can enhance your research and improve lab processes
Showcase successful case studies
Real-world examples of Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) GenAI applications


Overview of the GenAI development process and tools
Step-by-step guide to implementing GenAI Solutions
Discussion on security, data requirements, infrastructure, and integration considerations
Assessment: brief hands-on activity to create a mock implementation plan based on the provided guide.

Use Cases

Overview of HCLS-specific use cases
Interactive discussions on the potential applications of GenAI for research
Q&A session to address specific use case inquiries


Brief Demonstration Highlighting the ease and power of Gen AI.


Ronald M Rerko

Ron is the Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences for Onix, with over 35 years experience in healthcare. He was formerly the Director of the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute under the chair, Charis Eng, MD, PhD, and helped found and develop the Institute. Previous to the Cleveland Clinic,Ron was a researcher with Sandy Markowitz, MD, PhD, a Howard Hughes MedicalInstitute principal investigator. Ron was the first to identify the loss of15-prostaglandin dehydrogenase, a novel tumor suppressor gene, leading to development of gastrointestinal cancers. Based on Ron’s discovery, Dr. Markowitz’s lab has generated >$14 million in research funding and a spin-off company, RodeoTherapeutics Corporation, that was acquired by Amgen in 2021.

Jeremiah W. Jenkins

Jeremiah is the Director of Delivery for Onix’s Global Public Sector organization. Jeremiah has worked in numerous areas of technology, and has spent the last decade focused on how the Cloud can disrupt and modernize processes across all industries. The last seven years Jeremiah has focused on Technical Customer Success, working for HashiCorp, Google, and now Onix building and growing customer obsessed teams.

Mo Himedan

Mo Himedan leads Onix's Emerging Technologies! Mo came from Google, where he held roles in professional services and customer success over the last 5+ years. Prior to Google, Mo held roles in product management, data center design, strategy, and data analytics for boutique and global SIs, as well as a startup.He is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Cybersecurity MBA. Mo brings the best of Google's technologies to our customers.

Event Schedule

September 22, 2023
2:00 pm
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Amphitheater, The Roux Institute, Portland, Maine
Remote participation via Teams