Workshop on Critical and Collective Effects in Graphs and Networks (CCEGN-5)

Past Event

Similar to earlier CCEGN events (CCEGN-1, CCEGN-2, CCEGN-3, CCEGN-4), CCEGN-5 continues to explore topics at the interface between network science, random graphs, and statistical physics, bringing together world-renowned experts in these areas.

The workshop aims at facilitating the transfer of ideas, insights and interdisciplinary approaches to tackle new and exciting problems in random graph theory and its applications to real networks. As with some of the previous events, CCEGN-5’s primary focus is on mathematics of random graphs and complex networks. Topics include:

-Entropy and counting problems in random graphs;
-Random geometric graphs and latent geometry of networks; graph curvature;
-Graphons and their generalizations; dense and sparse graph limits;
-Exchangeability and projectivity in random graphs;
-Large deviations, ensemble equivalence, and extreme value theory in networks;
-Bayesian statistics and inference in networks;
-Stochastic processes and critical phenomena in networks.

There are two traditional features of the CCEGN workshops that the past attendees praised and enjoyed: (i) the relaxed schedule of talks that allocates plenty of time for scientific discussions and exchange of ideas, and (ii) the high quality of the presentations -- all talks are invited and are given by top experts. The total number of talks is 20, four talks per day, and the duration of each talk is 1 hour including questions.

The workshop format provides an excellent opportunity for researchers at early stages of their careers to learn about recent cutting-edge developments in network science and random graphs. Thus PhD students, postdocs and young researchers working in these areas are encouraged to attend the workshop and to present a poster.

Event Schedule

June 6, 2022
9:00 am
Jun 10, 2022
St. Barnabas's Episcopal Church, Cape Cod, MA