Jobs at NetSI

NetSI Research Co-op Program

April 25, 2022
Network Science Institute
Boston, MA

NetSI is hiring for the Fall 2022! The Institute consists of many labs with distinguished professors, researchers, and doctoral students. Faculty members in the Network Science Institute perform research relevant to various disciplines, like: physical sciences, health sciences, computer science and engineering, political science, communications, economics, etc. If you are a NEU student, join this exciting program to learn about network science and perform research in an excellent academic environment, become part of some of the prestigious labs in the area, and enhance your experience and chances of getting into graduate school.

We will consider applications as they come in and we will match the admitted students with the appropriate lab(s) and offer them access to additional educational activities taking place in the Institute. We are certain that you will find this experience fulfilling. We are excited to have you join us!

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