Babak Heydari

Associate Professor
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Babak Heydari is an associate professor at the department of mechanical and industrial engineering, and affiliate faculty at the school of public policy and urban affairs. His interdisciplinary research aims at establishing a bridge between engineering system design and computational social sciences where he uses network science to study the architecture of socio-technical and human-AI systems, resilience and its relationship with the emergence of collective behavior and social norms, platform-based sharing economy systems, and co-evolution of structure and behavior in complex systems. He received his Masters and Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley and has 3 years of Silicon Valley start-up experience. Professor Heydari is a recipient of the national science foundation CAREER award.

office location

office location

177 Huntington Ave
275 Snell
Boston, MA 02115
Boston, MA 02115


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