Misinformation Meet-n-Greet

Past Event

Over the past half decade, researchers in various parts of campus have developed a robust ecosystem of science and technology for studying mis- and disinformation. In this panel-style meet-n-greet, six faculty, postdocs, and research scientists will share their work and future directions. The purpose of this session is to build connections between mis- and disinformation researchers on campus to foster intellectual conversation, collaboration, and resource-sharing.

To Attend:
If you’re interested in attending in person, please email Jason Radford at j.radford@northeastern.edu so we can get you on the building’s visitor’s list. You are welcome to attend virtually as well.

Speakers and Approximate Times

10:00: Opening: Dr. Jason Radford: Director of the Social Design Lab, Jason has been working to develop new technologies for combatting mis- and disinformation. Jason will also discuss research at the Lazer lab for modelling the spread and impact of mis- and disinformation. 

10:13: Dr. Larissa Doroshenko: Postdoc in the Communication Media and Marginalization Lab, Dr. Doroshenko has studied state-sponsored disinformation across contexts. 

10:26: Dr. John Wihbey: Associate Professor in Media Innovation and Technology, Dr. Wihbey has examined the confluence of news and social media, platform regulation, and misinformation interventions 

10:39: Dr. Brian Ball: Associate Professor of Philosophy at Northeastern University London, Dr. Ball explored the relationship between fake news and democracy. 

10:52: Dr. Don Fallis: Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science, Dr. Fallis has investigated the epistemology of deception and fake news. 

11:05: Dr. Saiph Savage: Director of the Civic AI Lab at Northeastern, Dr. Savage has studied the effects of disinformation online and how to build tools to combat it. 

11:18: Dr. Briony Swire-Thompson: Director of the Psychology of Misinformation Lab, Dr. Swire-Thompson has studied misinformation corrections and dispositions to believe misinformation. 

Event Schedule

February 9, 2023
10:00 am
Network Science Institute