MultiNet 2022: Future Directions in Multilayer Network Science

Past Event

What do you think are the most promising areas of development or the biggest scientific challenges to meet in the area of multilayer network science? Join our conversation on July 15 and talk with other members of this fast-growing area.

Accelnet-MultiNet is an NSF-funded international collaboration to advance multilayer network science that involves meetings, exchanges of early career scholars, an ongoing webinar series, and community building. One of the charges of AccelNet-MultiNet is to produce a report highlighting promises and challenges in the field. We anticipate and hope that the satellite discussion will assist in the drafting of a first iteration of this report. The report will be open to community comment and contribution, and we will continue to have meetings at future in person NetSci meetings and virtually to allow for participation.


This satellite will take place in the middle of a small in-person meeting at Network Science Institute at Northeastern University. About 30 individuals will be at the meeting and participating in the discussion, including special guests Ginestra Bianconi and Jose Fernando Mendes and moderator Sofia Teixeira. AccelNet-MultiNet Hub leaders include Alex Vespignani, Santo Fortunato, Alain Barrat, Albert Diaz-Guilera, János Kertész, and Yamir Moreno.


We will begin at 1:30 pm EDT (New York) on Friday, July 15. After a brief discussion and remarks by Dr. Bianconi, we will accept questions, comments, and Q&A from participants both online and in person. The conversation will be recorded and shared on our website.  

Event Schedule

July 15, 2022
1:30 pm
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm