Thinking the Future: DISARM–The Fight Against Disinformation

Past Event

This session is only open to Northeastern University faculty and staff. Please use your Northeastern email when registering.

How shall we manage the future? Thinking the Future is a series of fireside chats intended to engage interdisciplinary problem-solvers across the global university system in a conversation around effectively managing the impact of a series of challenges facing our world in the 21st Century. By holding these conversations, we can use our strengths as a university to begin imagining solutions together and ways to apply them.

Moderated by Anthony C. Grayling, founder and principal at Northeastern University, London, speakers David Lazer, John Whibey, and Omri Preiss will delve into the challenges posed by advancing technology in the realm of disinformation. The conversation will broach topics such as the ethical implications of disinformation, the importance of media literacy in the digital age, and the widespread impact disinformation can have.


Anthony C. Grayling, Founder and Principal, Northeastern University, London.

David Lazer, University Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston.

John Wihbey, Associate Professor of Media Innovation and Technology, Northeastern University, Boston.

Omri Preiss, Vice Chair and Founding Board Member, DISARM Foundation.

Event Schedule

June 23, 2023
11:00 am
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm