DK-Lab members issued patent on super-scalable routing in telecommunication networks by USPTO
October 28, 2020

NetSI faculty Dima Krioukov and Physics PhD candidate Ivan Voitalov from the DK-Lab have been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent is titled "Geohyperbolic routing and addressing schemes for networks" (Patent no. US 10,812,365 B2).

Abstract: Network architectures and methods including addressing and dynamic network topology construction schemes that guarantee maximally efficient and scalable routing are disclosed in this patent. The network architectures and methods introduce a new approach to network design. The network architectures and methods include an addressing scheme based on geographic position of network nodes, and a network topology construction scheme based on the addressing scheme and that can reproduce properties of the existing Internet topology. A routing algorithm for the network architecture is shown to be maximally scalable and efficient. According to an example embodiment, a network includes a plurality of nodes, where each node has a network address based on a latitude of a location of the node, a longitude of a location of the node, and the centrality of the location of the node.

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