'Team Communication Unpacked': NETSI faculty members receive Northeastern seed grant

Brooke Foucault Welles and Christoph Riedl have received a seed grant from Northeastern. The proposal was titled "Team Communication Unpacked: A Pilot Study of Team Communication Process and Performance Captured in a Smart Meeting Room".

Project description: Team communication processes are notoriously difficult to study in the field, requiring invasive recording equipment and/or extensive hand coding that reduced data quality. Building on a successful program of online teams research that we developed to partially address these challenges, we will conduct team decision making studies in a state-of-the art Smart Meeting Room, designed to unobtrusively and dynamically collect team process data. These data will allow us to validate (or identify limitations) in our existing (online) teams data, and offer a proof-of-concept for future studies using Smart Meeting Rooms to study team processes and performance.  

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