Network-based in silico drug efficacy screening

E. Guney, J. Menche, M. Vidal, A.-L Barabasi.
Nature Communications
7:10331, 1-13 (2016).
February 1, 2016


The increasing cost  of drug development together with a significant drop in the number of new  drug approvals raises the need for innovative approaches for target  identification and efficacy prediction. Here, we take advantage of our  increasing understanding of the network-based origins of diseases to  introduce a drug-disease proximity measure that quantifies the interplay  between drugs targets and diseases. By correcting for the known biases of the  interactome, proximity helps us uncover the therapeutic effect of drugs, as  well as to distinguish palliative from effective treatments. Our analysis of  238 drugs used in 78 diseases indicates that the therapeutic effect of drugs  is localized in a small network neighborhood of the disease genes and  highlights efficacy issues for drugs used in Parkinson and several  inflammatory disorders. Finally, network-based proximity allows us to predict  novel drug-disease associations that offer unprecedented opportunities for  drug repurposing and the detection of adverse effects.

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