Science of science

Santo Fortunato, Carl T. Bergstrom, Katy Börner, James A. Evans, Dirk Helbing, Staša Milojević, Alexander M. Petersen, Filippo Radicchi, Roberta Sinatra, Brian Uzzi, Alessandro Vespignani, Ludo Waltman, Dashun Wang, Albert-László Barabási


Identifying  fundamental drivers of science and developing predictive models to capture  its evolution are instrumental for the design of policies that can improve  the scientific enterprise—for example, through enhanced career paths for  scientists, better performance evaluation for organizations hosting research,  discovery of novel effective funding vehicles, and even identification of  promising regions along the scientific frontier. The science of science uses  large-scale data on the production of science to search for universal and  domain-specific patterns. Here, we review recent developments in this  transdisciplinary field.

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