How to design your website with Wix
NetSI Professional Development Series
Sabba Quidwai, EdD
Wix Higher Education
Past Talk
Virtual talk
May 2, 2023
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1:00 pm
177 Huntington Ave.
11th floor
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At NetSI, we encourage all our members to curate a coherent online identity as a way to promote collaborations and career growth. Part of this identity can be your personal website if it gives an accurate and up-to-date representation of who you are as a doctoral student and/or professional researcher. Wix is a great platform to create your website and we hope you take the necessary steps to create your website using Wix or other platforms and tools you might prefer.

Join Wix staff to learn more about creating your online portfolio website. We’ll cover how to plan a website, how to use the Wix platform, and explore professional design features. Sign-up to discover the basics in creating a Wix website as well as features to take your portfolio to the next level.  

And... a one-year FREE Wix premium plan to all attendees!

About the speaker
About the speaker