Raphtory: The temporal graph engine for Rust and Python

Ben Steer, Naomi A. Arnold, Cheick Tidiane Ba, Renaud Lambiotte, Haaroon Yousaf, Lucas Jeub, Fabian Murariu, Shivam Kapoor, Pedro Rico , Rachel Chan, Louis Chan, James Alford, Richard G. Clegg, Felix Cuadrado, Matthew Russell Barnes, Peijie Zhong, John Pougué-Biyong, and Alhamza Alnaimi
The Journal of Open Source of Software
March 27, 2024


Raphtory is a platform for building and analysing temporal networks. The library includesmethods for creating networks from a variety of data sources; algorithms to explore theirstructure and evolution; and an extensible GraphQL server for deployment of applications builton top. Raphtory’s core engine is built in Rust, for efficiency, with Python interfaces, for easeof use. Raphtory is developed by network scientists, with a background in Physics, AppliedMathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, for use across academia and industry.

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