Gastroenteritis Forecasting Assessing the Use of Web and Electronic Health Record Data With a Linear and a Nonlinear Approach: Comparison Study

Canelle Poirier, Guillaume Bouzillé, Valérie Bertaud, Marc Cuggia, Mauricio Santillana, Audrey Lavenu
JMIR Public Health and Surveillance
January 31, 2023


Background:Disease surveillance systems capable of producing accurate real-time and short-term forecasts can help public health officials design timely public health interventions to mitigate the effects of disease outbreaks in affected populations. In France, existing clinic-based disease surveillance systems produce gastroenteritis activity information that lags real time by 1 to 3 weeks. This temporal data gap prevents public health officials from having a timely epidemiological characterization of this disease at any point in time and thus leads to the design of interventions that do not take into consideration the most recent changes in dynamics.

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