Stability of a giant connected component in a complex network

M. Kitsak, A. Ganin, D. Eisenberg, P. L. Krapivsky, D. Krioukov, D. Alderson and I. Linkov
Phys. Rev. E
97: 012309
January 22, 2018


We analyze the  stability of the network's giant connected component under impact of adverse  events, which we model through the link percolation. Specifically, we  quantify the extent to which the largest connected component of a network  consists of the same nodes, regardless of the specific set of deactivated  links. Our results are intuitive in the case of single-layered systems: the  presence of large degree nodes in a single-layered network ensures both its  robustness and stability. In contrast, we find that interdependent networks  that are robust to adverse events have unstable connected components. Our  results bring novel insights to the design of resilient network topologies  and the reinforcement of existing networked systems.

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